I just got an email about a lot I’ve built creating a huge crater in the ground when placed in their neighborhood. It’s not you – it’s not me – it’s a damn bug. And it’s one I should have mentioned a long time ago but I am now and am going to show how to fix it.

It is annoying as all be damned – I know – but there is a solution. :)

You will be using a cheat: SetImportedTerrainOffset (value)  – where (value) will be replaced with a positive or negative number depending on whether the lot created a crater or a mountain.

Before you place the lot: in Edit Town Mode,  open the cheat console (ctrl+shift+c) and enter the above cheat. If the lot created a crater, you will be using a positive number. The only way to do this is to experiment. After you enter the cheat, place the lot to see if it looks right. If it does, GREAT, hit accept and you are done. If it doesn’t, then you will have to hit cancel, enter the cheat again with a higher or lower value than the one you just tried. Repeat as necessary. You can use decimals – if SetImportedTerrainOffset 2 is too low but SetImportedTerrainOffset 3 is too high, then try SetImportedTerrainOffset 2.5

If it created a mountain, then use a negative number until it looks right. Ex: SetImportedTerrainOffset -1

Go back to Edit Town and save. You are ready to move in your sim family.

I hope this is helpful.